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Car waiting for the winter season

In the middle of autumn, the car requires more care than when lazy. Also, winter is already knocking on the doorstep, so remembering and doing something with the car is bad. The day is rapidly falling, the temperatures in the morning and in the evening are no longer so pleasant. The road is slippery not only because of the temperature, but also because of the fallen leaves on the trees. Here the advice is simple — do not get behind the wheel with sharp movements of the gas cleaner.

In autumn, the consumption of wipers increases dramatically compared to the drained one. And driving through a dark stained-glass window, on which the headlights of oncoming cars “draw” smudges, is not at all pleasant. So check the tank and always try to be full. It will not weigh down the car and will not leave an extra bottle of garbage in the trunk. And be careful — instead of summer fluid, you need to switch to winter fluid, or at least with the designation «up to minus 10 degrees.» A stronger one is not needed yet … Remember that at the outlet of the nozzles, cold oncoming air can quickly cool down and even freeze the liquid, like a windshield covered with it.

Leaves, in addition to the possibility of slipping on the car during heavy braking and cornering with a well-calculated speed, fall on the air conditioner or “stove” air ducts. It is good to clean them from time to time, otherwise the atmosphere in the cabin may not be as cozy as you expect and set up.

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In the evening, when you park, it is good to raise the wipers, because there is always a possibility of freezing on the glass. Therefore, before you go, check them out and make them move in place. In autumn, usually after rain, sub-zero temperatures set in at night, which naturally leads to freezing of some things, most often wipers or rubber door seals. It is good to treat it with a silicone cleaner, and some experienced drivers specifically use shoe polish.

If you have a car charger for your phone, keep it in your car at all times. If you don’t buy. You may not need it, but if you are forced to go somewhere far away from civilization, the phone will just start to beat … Therefore, you will need a charger or the already well-known «power bank» batteries to charge phones. help well…

Before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to warm up the engine a little on the spot and the lower the outside temperature, the more relevant this action is. Good for a bike and for a car, because no one has yet repealed the laws of physics.

As for the tires and whether it is time to change them for the winter, it depends on the climatic conditions of the yard. If the street starts to turn white, then it’s time. October is the border month, after which it already makes sense to move on to some kind of tire change. Unless you have a masochistic desire to waste hours in line when the weather surprises motorists again.

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There are usually no problems with gasoline and naphtha in October. However, if you don’t fill trusted gas stations and large chains that you can always file a claim against if something happens to you, it’s a good idea to use a fuel dryer from time to time, which will neutralize the fuel that got into the pipeline. And yet — it is better not to leave the tank half empty, because condensation can form on its walls, and this, in turn, can cause trouble.

No problems are expected with engine oil either. However, if your oil is a summer formula, then any engine ignition will not be as easy as too thick. And at sub-zero temperatures, failure can occur, so fill in the oil as low as possible W or the entire season.

During the transitional season, the battery can always surprise you. When starting the engine, energy consumption becomes greater, the starter is loaded more, so if your battery is approaching retirement age, send it to a well-deserved «rest». If not already, it is recommended to recharge from time to time to prolong the service life.

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